Feb 12


Parking Safety & Consideration

It has been brought to our attention that handicapped parking spaces on our campuses are frequently occupied by vehicles without handicapped plates or proper authorization.

Upon hearing this, it really hit home. My father recently suffered a stroke and became partially paralyzed. The challenges of every day life that we frequently take for granted became hyper-apparent to me once I spent a few days with him out in public. The simple act of taking a step up a curb or getting through a door to a restaurant become overwhelming and exhausting obstacles, not to mention dangerous ones.

Although we may see an empty handicapped space, we never know if someone behind us may actually need that space and may have no choice but to move on if none are available.  Please be aware of your surroundings, be considerate, and park or wait a little farther out next time.

Thank you. Have a wonderful break.

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