Sep 20


On the Table

Your Voice Matters.

Imagine this: on October 4th, thousands of people across the region getting together in small groups, over a meal, to talk about what we can do to ensure southeast Michigan is a place where young people can grow and thrive.

Then imagine those conversations sparking new ideas that improve our quality of life and that of the communities we call home. That’s what On the Table is all about.

On the Table is a new project supported by the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

We like to say that making southeast Michigan a better place for the next generation isn’t a one-person job. On the Table is our invitation to everyone across the region to pull up a chair and join the discussion.

Anyone can host an On the Table conversation. Join us! Learn more at

DISCLAIMER : This event is not sponsored or officially endorsed by the Roeper School. Periodically, the school becomes aware of opportunities that may be of interest to members of the community and we will inform you of them. Please use your own judgment in determining whether you or your children should attend.

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