Apr 26


No Cell Phone Day @ M/US, May 1

On May 1st, Upper School and Middle School Student Government have agreed to put their phones down in an effort recognize the effects these devices have on our mental health. Across the last year, numerous studies have shown that excessive phone usage is linked to both increased suicide rate (1,2) and depressive symptoms (2). This problem is not one that any individual can face alone, so it is the duty of a community to step up together, fostering a phone-free environment for everyone to take part. While this day may be a minor inconvenience to some, the ultimate purpose is one of health and community, not one of control, which is why the Roeper Student Government finds this cause so imperative.

To achieve such an effect, middle and upper school students are encouraged to either leave their phones at home or turn them in to their homeroom advisors at the beginning of the day. Phones stored with homeroom advisors will be kept in Upper School Director Karen Johnson’s office until the end of the day. Students leaving school early can receive their phones by stopping by Karen’s office at any time. This is an event which benefits from total community involvement, so we strongly encourage all students to participate.

Charlie Uchno, Upper School Student Government Vice Moderator


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