Sep 14


New Staff: Introducing Dave Webb


Dave Webb

Dave is  a new member of our maintenance crew on the Bloomfield Hills campus and will also be a bus driver.

I join the Roeper community officially after being connected to it for the last thirteen years. My wife Amber started working as a teacher here in 2005 and our oldest child, Campbell, started school here in 2013 and Lincoln followed in 2015. I have seen and appreciated how this community has greatly impacted my family.

I am looking forward to engaging in a career that allows me more quality time with my family, a greater purpose and helping others in a genuine way.

In my spare time I enjoy many different outdoor actives. I like off roading, camping, kayaking, hiking and mountain biking. These have also become great activities for us to do as a family. Being outdoors brings me joy and I hope to someday bring that joy to other people.

As far as indoor activities go, I spend my time on the mats training and learning Jiu Jitsu. I have also been enjoying watching my kids train Jiu Jitsu as well.

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