Oct 20


New Faculty: Megan Hager

Megan teaches with Stage I Domes teacher, Jennifer Ziemann. She also can be seen teaching a Stage I enrichment after school in cooking. Brave woman! She tells us a little about herself:

This is my third year teaching preschool. I came from the Bloomfield Hills School District 2 1/2 year old program. I have a Bachelor of Science Elementary Education degree with a major in language arts. I’m currently going to school for my Master of Education: Early Childhood Education degree. Both from Oakland University. I love cooking, exercising, water sports, and traveling. I became a teacher because of my first grade teacher, Miss Wilson. She was such an inspiration to me and was always very encouraging. I’m happy to be at Roeper because it is a place where I can have creative freedom and respect at the same time.

Megan (2)


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