Aug 30


New Faculty: Introducing…. Ron Zill

IMG_8534Ron Zill is the new Health and PE teacher in the Middle and Upper Schools. He was born and raised in Royal Oak and comes to us after teaching Health and PE for 10 years at Bishop Foley High School in Madison Heights.

Why did you choose Roeper? I wanted to be a part of a more tight community that cares about the whole student.

Interests or hobbies? What do you do in your spare time? I run, exercise, love Star Wars – working on a Stormtrooper outfit.

Any travel experiences? California and Tennessee to visit family.

Anything about your family you want to share? I’m single with no kids, except my dog, and I have one surviving parent (my mom), two sisters and one brother.

Favorite books and movies? Lord of the Rings novels. Star Wars is far and away my favorite film series!

Any pets? My dog is named Carina (German name meaning “beloved friend.”). She’s a rescue dog, a mixture (I’m guessing) Boxer and Aussie Shepherd. She’s eight years old.

What do you like about teaching? Talking with students, not at them, about current health related issues.

Anything else you’d like to share? I worked as a film and tv show extra on nearly 20 different projects. You probably recognize me as the Daily Planet reporter in Superman vs. Batman who appeared blurry and from behind and to the side for about one second! Also, my leg, from the knee down, was in a pivotal scene in Low Winter Sun, a short lived AMC series – not exactly The Walking Dead.

Welcome Ron!

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