Sep 14


New Faculty: Introducing Reem Abou

Reem Abou

Reem is our new history and social studies teacher in the middle school.

I love walking. I can walk for miles upon miles without stopping. Sometimes, while walking, you may see me muttering to myself. Usually, I’m thinking up different lines of poetry. I do performance/spoken word poetry. I hit up a lot of different open mics, with my two kids in tow. I am super passionate about oral history and that is probably part of where my love of poetry comes from. I am so excited to explore “non-conventional” (i.e. not history books) forms of recording history and music, dance, cultural or religious rituals. I love reading historical fiction, throw in a romantic angle and you got me hooked. I forgot what American TV is, because I exclusively watch Korean dramas, they have the right balance of humor and seriousness that I look for in life.

I was born in Lynn, Massachusetts. A small city a few miles North of Boston. However, I grew up in Stoughton, also known as Tough-Town. Not sure why. Do I have a East-Coast accent? Not anymore, but if I get super passionated about something, a ‘wicked’ here and there slips out. My family is originally from the city of Aleppo, in Syria, known as one of the oldest ancient cities in the world. Maybe, being connected to an ancient society, makes me feel connected to history. I come from a family of teachers, both my extended and immediate family are made up of different types of teachers. My father is a college professor. My mother has taught from as young as kindergarten to senior year of high school. My sister is currently a 5th grade teacher. I wasn’t planning to be a teacher originally, but somehow I fell in love.

The reason I came to work at Roeper is because I am super passionate about teaching. It blows my mind when a person has an ‘ah-ha’ moment. I’ve taught students as young as 6th grade and as old as graduate students in college. I feel that the most important part about teaching is about creating our own narratives, while learning about and connecting to different, complex concepts. It is my hope that I can help students build their own narratives and shape their histories, present, and futures, in a way that is personal, unique and powerful.

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