Sep 11


New Faculty: Introducing Malcom Maturen


Malcolm is the Birmingham campus Technology Lab teacher.

I’m not sure what the path to becoming a teacher looks like for most, but I suppose all that matters for me is the one I’m on. My name is Malcolm Maturen, and I’m a learner. Literally – I’m still in school, at the University of Michigan. Figuratively, well, if you’re reading this, I’m sure you have a similar affinity or appreciation for the wealth of knowledge and the potential of the unknown. Over the next year, I’ll be teaching Computer Science and holding a technology lab at Roeper.

Academically, I study Information. “Isn’t that what everyone studies??” Well, yes and no. Information Science focuses on the use, storage, and utility of information as a concept. As we are now in the age of constant information, it is increasingly important that we know how to effectively portray, disseminate, and consume the media and data circulating around us. I’ve combined this with a focus in User Experience and Computer Science, doing my best to improve frustrating interfaces and apps that don’t do what you think they should be doing. After meeting with a few Roeper students last spring, I was inspired by their enthusiasm and ideas. I believe we have a lot of opportunity to learn from each other, creating novel applications with real-world impact.

On the more human side, I really enjoy activities that help me feel present. My childhood in Northern Michigan left me being very comfortable in the outdoors, and I love barefoot exploration. I’m quite active, and can often be found lifting, doing cardio, and playing games with a lot of running. In my downtime, I listen to reggae music, work on graphic design projects, or watch Marvel shows/movies. I know all of this makes me sound like a classic hippie, and that’s probably because I am. I can’t wait to bring my experience to the table and get started learning, teaching, and creating with the Roeper community.

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