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Sep 11


New Faculty: Introducing Jacquelene Boucard!


Jacquelene is our new Dance Teacher at the Birmingham campus and she comes to Roeper with a rich background in dance performance and education. Read her biography! This is what she would like you to know about her:

I have been in love with dance about as long as I’ve had DNA. I love the unparalleled feeling of freedom of moving with music. The best performance moments feel like a gift for the audience, also an unspoken dialogue with fellow dancers and partners. I love going into the studio and experimenting, improvising, creating work. Watching an idea take shape. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much. I love that dance happens in the moment, yet the feeling we had watching it can linger much longer. I LOVE teaching dance to my students and guiding their journey. They learn about themselves, their capabilities, their dreams and struggles. It’s so inspiring to see students work hard and achieve something meaningful. I am so excited to teach Modern dance, Jazz / Hip Hop, and Dance Fusion for Musical Theatre here at Roeper. The community have been so warm and welcoming and the history so inspiring!

I have a wonderful family who are everything to me: my husband, Dave. Two beautiful children, my son is 6 and daughter, 3. My 5 brothers and sisters are spread out from coast to coast. My Mom in SLC, Ut (where I grew up) always believed I could become a dancer. 

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