Aug 31


New Faculty: Introducing… Hasan Humadi


Hasan is teaching math in the Upper School. He is originally from Baghdad, Iraq and he is coming to us from teaching at Lawrence Technical University and a private high school.

Why did you choose Roeper? I chose Roeper to live in a diverse community and teach higher levels of mathematics.

Interests or hobbies? I like to play ping pong, racket ball, tennis, swim and do calligraphy.

Any travel experiences to share? I just came back from Sweden and London,  so I will tell stories for two months.

Anything about your family you want to share? My family is my wife and two daughters,  one got married in Sweden and one still studying at Oakland University.

Favorite books and movies? My favorite books are Applied Calculus and Statistics and Probability for Engineers. My favorite movie is Louis.

What do you like about teaching? Teaching is my life and the best part of it is the appreciation from my students.

Anything else you’d like to share? Teaching = knowledge + spirit

Welcome, Hasan!

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  1. Hello, my name is Abraham Hamadi. I am one of Mr.Hasan Humadi’s former students from Wise Academy. I would like to tell you that Mr.Humadi is a very special person not only in the classroom but outside as well. I am currently in the ninth grade, I had Mr.Humadi as a teacher last year when I was in Algebra 1. Mr.Humadi transformed my knowledge in mathematics he would make the concept crystal clear. He wouldn’t leave any chapter untouched or not worked with. This is not an opinion this is a fact. But this is not only said by me, everyone in that school loves how Mr.Humadi. So I would like to ask if the person who receives this message to share it with Mr.Humadi and share my name as well.
    Abraham Hamadi

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