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Sep 07


New Faculty: Introducing Dan Thibodeau!

Dan joins Lower School Spanish teacher Sara Mendez ’96 and Upper School math teacher Hale Williams ’09 as faculty with the distinction of having been Roeper “Lifers”. He came to Roeper in Stage I and graduated in 2013.  Dan is joining the Middle and Upper School Mathematics faculty, teaching Middle School Math Applications, Algebra 2 and BC Calculus this year. Quite a range!

Dan is thrilled that the opportunity to teach in the community that helped him grow came up so soon after he graduated from MSU with a B.S. in Math.  He appreciates teaching in a community where he is able to help students grow in many facets of life not just in mathematics. He’s also extremely excited for the freedom to create unique and intriguing lessons. Dan knew early on that he wanted to teach math and chose to student teach Pre-Algebra under the mentorship of former math teacher, Christina Miceli as his Senior Project. He learned first hand what it is to be an excellent math teacher at Roeper. Coincidentally, he’s teaching in her old room which was also where he was in her homeroom.

In his free time, Dan likes to play board games, computer games, and exercise. His favorite shows are Futurama, The Office, and Malcolm in the Middle, while his favorite film is Oh Brother Where Art Thou.

Fun Fact: Dan is engaged to Roeper alum, Alyssa Flynn ’14. A romance that began at Roeper!



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