Aug 31


New Faculty: Introducing… Aaron Robinson


Aaron is teaching Social Studies and English in the Middle School. He is originally from Detroit and comes to us from teaching high school history on the south side of Chicago at a new charter school.

Why did you choose Roeper? I chose Roeper because of its mission, its warm staff, and its extremely talented student body. I believe Roeper is serious about its purpose and its efforts to see those ends.

Interests or hobbies? What do you do in your spare time? 
I am a fan of reading in a quiet space, watching old movies, exercising, and cooking.

Any travel experiences to share?  
I was in the United State Peace Corps for two years following graduation, so there was a lot of traveling within my service and immediately after. I mainly stuck to my service country China.

Anything about your family you want to share? 
Almost all of my family is from Detroit, so we have a lot of history in the area.

Favorite books and movies? 
Favorite book is anything by Toni Morrison or James Rollins. Favorite movie is without a doubt Gladiator.

What do you like about teaching? 
I love the interaction with students. To see them work out a problem on their own or come up with novel ideas just makes all my efforts worthwhile.

Welcome, Aaron!



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  1. Congratulations Aaron! I am sssoooooo excited about this development in life. I haven’t seen you to discuss China and all, which was also so exciting to me, since I did get a chance to go there with Maria. The same Maria that put you and Roeper together. As I put Maria and Roeper together for her children. Having known you since birth and hearing about your progress through your Grammie, my best friend, I can hardly believe this last chapter. Prayers go out for your success, your joy, your dreams fulfilled. Be happy, enjoy!
    Mrs. Wheeler

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