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MS Forensics: State Tournament Results (Wow!)

On Saturday, April 23, the Roeper Middle School Forensics Team competed at the Middle Level Spring State Tournament at White Pine Middle School in Saginaw, Michigan. Many thanks to all the parents, teachers, high school students, and coaches who helped make the day wonderful for all of the students involved!
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Coaches include: Andrew Brock, Jaffar Boumediene, Jake Moore, Lianna Trimble, and junior Emma Kretchmer.

Placements at the tournament are listed below.
Emma Wine: 1st Place/State Champion, Informative
Jaanaki Radhakrishnan: 1st Place/State Champion, Declamation 6
Celia Lipton: 1st Place/State Champion, Dramatic Interp
Zion Johnson: 1st Place/State Champion, Original Interp
Maddy Keuten & Maya McEntyre: 3rd Place, Duo
Francis Allen: 3rd place, Impromptu
Maguire Smith: 3rd place, Storytelling
William Bieneman: 5th place, Impromptu
Ella Egrin: 5th Place, Poetry
Grace Popp: 5th Place, Poetry
Jessica Kroetsch: 5th place, Story 6
Cami Krugel: 5th place, Story 6
Kiersten McCollum: Semi-finalist, Dramatic Interp
Matthew Baker-Grunza: Semi-finalist, Dramatic Interp
Josh Stiebel: Semi-finalist, Dramatic Interp
Lucie Must: Semi-finalist, Declamation Open
Alex Calderwood: Semi-finalist, Story Open
Avery Long: Semi-finalist, Story Open
Sophie Hirsch & Charlotte Silverstein: Semi-finalists, Duo
Lillian Irish: Semi-finalist, Storytelling 6
Sydney Levy: 1st & 3rd in rounds, Storytelling
Alexa Miller: 2nd in a round, Poetry
Josh Stiebel: 2nd in a round, Dramatic Interp
Kate DeRonne & Seth Katzman: 2nd in a round, Duo
Gianni Miliotto: 3rd in a round, Prose
Ben Stafeil: 3rd in a round, Prose
Adam Levitt & Tony Wipf had a good OLD time in Duo
Clyde Granzeier knocked ‘em dead in Original Interp
Cassius Catallo clipped it all together in his Informative
Steven Raphael gave a solid Informative
James Sneyd cast a spell on his audiences in Prose

It also recently came to my attention that the results from the Middle Level Fall Tournament had not reached everyone in the community. Student placements from the Nov 21 tournament at Covington Middle School are listed below.

Zion Johnson: 1st Place/State Champion (with perfect scores), Original Interp
Kiersten McCollum: 1st Place/State Champion, Original Interp
Clyde Granzeier: 2nd place, Original Interp
Sydney Levy & Kaili Osborne: 2nd place, Duo
Evan Akkashian & Alex Calderwood: 2nd place, Duo
Kate DeRonne: 2nd place, Poetry
Sophie Hirsch: 2nd place, Storytelling
Gianni Miliotto: 2nd place, Prose
Steven Raphael: 3rd place, Declamation
Emma Wine: 3rd place, Oratory
Celia Lipton: 4th place, Dramatic Interp
Charlotte Silverstein: 4th place, Storytelling
Maddy Keuten: 6th place, Poetry
Francis Allen, 6th place, Impromptu
Emma Goldschmidt, Andy Grekin, Maya McEntyre, Alex Rider: 6th place, Multiple
Avery Long, Seth Katzman, James Sneyd, Josh Stiebel: Semi-finalists, Multiple
Meredith Grekin, Semi-finalist, Informative
William Bieneman: Semi-finalist, Impromptu
Matthew Baker-Grunza & Maguire Smith: Semi-finalists, Duo
Jonah Mougue: Semi-finalist, Storytelling
Ella Egrin & Ellie Saham: Semi-finalists, Duo
Luci Must: Semi-finalist, Storytelling
Anneliese Ingraham: 1st in a round, Dramatic Interp
Ben Stafeil: 2nd & 3rd in rounds, Prose
Adam Levitt: Mysteriously disappeared into his informative
Alexis Richardson: Gave a wicked good performance in Dramatic Interp

Congratulations to the MS Forensics Team and to the coaches!

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