May 01

New Guidelines from State of Michigan for Immunization Waivers

Important information from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for parents of students who are not vaccinated:  “In December, 2014, the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules approved a new educational requirement for Michigan parents opting their children out of getting vaccinated before entering school … Any parent/guardian who wants to claim a nonmedical waiver will need to receive education regarding the benefits of vaccination and the risks of disease from a county health department before obtaining the certified nonmedical waiver form through the Local Health Department. The new rule requires the use of the State of Michigan nonmedical waiver form dated January 1, 2015.”

**To obtain an immunization waiver, please make an appointment with your local health department in order to have your form properly certified before Lower School back-to-school forms are due on Friday, August 14th.

For further information, please see the Immunization Waiver Information or immunization waiver FAQ sheet documents downloaded from, or visit the full Michigan Department of Health and Human Services website at,4612,7-132-2942_4911_4914_6385-344843–,00.html


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