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Looking for Hosts for Dutch Students

Dutch students working with Roeper Lower School students.

In March 2018, 9 Dutch students will visit Roeper for one week. This is part of an exchange program that we have been facilitating since 2012. The school they go to is for gifted students and it was patterned in many ways like Roeper. When they were starting the school, a team of their teachers spent a week here learning all they could about Roeper! We are looking for families in all divisions to host our Dutch visitors. During their stay, various trips and activities will be planned during the day and therefore there is very little that a host family is required to do. This is a wonderful opportunity to invite a child from another culture into your home. Many strong friendships have flourished over the years due to this special exchange. Our visitors arrive on March 2 and depart on March 10, 2018.

We are looking for host families for the following boys:

Jesse – 15 yrs. He loves the outdoors and is excited to explore the USA.

Marinus – 15 yrs. He loves soccer, gaming and enjoys computers.

Reint – 12 yrs. He is shy, plays the oboe and is a little concerned about being homesick.

Boaz- 14 yrs. He is outgoing and likes chess and fencing. It’s his first time going on a plane

Tom- 14 yrs. He likes gaming and also enjoys quiet time.

Mathijs-13 yrs. He is funny and talkative and likes electronic music, sports and games

Dirk – 12 yrs. He is a fun person but also fairy shy. He loves learning about other cultures and trying different foods.

Please contact Tessa Stein for more information.

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