Jul 23


It’s National Gifted Parenting Week

Thanks to Sharon White (Roeper Parent and Past-President of Michigan Association for Gifted Children) for sharing this timely news!

This is National Gifted Parenting Week.  Free webinars and downloaded presentations are being offered by both SENG and NAGC this week only.

Visit the NAGC website for links to seven archived webinars/Convention presentations to you at no charge during National Parenting Gifted Children Week:

  1. Helping Anxious Children Shift Into High Gear
    Presenter: Sylvia Rimm
  2. Eleven Key Issues for Parents of Gifted Children
    Presenters: Arlene DeVries, James Webb
  3. 21st Century Parenting: Optimal Mind-Body Practices to Fully Support the Child and the Gifts
    Presenter: Susan Jackson
  4. Back to School. Back to Gifted Ups and Downs
    Speaker: Robin Schader
  5. Kicking Learning Potential Up a Notch: The Effects of Praise
    Presenters: Cindy Sheets, Kathy Jones
  6. Parenting Your Creative Child
    Presenters: Dan Peters, Susan Daniels
  7. The Art of Advocacy
    Speakers: Julia Roberts, Tracy Inman

Find more parenting resources on the NAGC website.


Dear SENG Friends & Family,

Welcome to the special National Parenting Gifted Children Week edition of The SENGvine Newsletter.

This year National Parenting Gifted Children (NPGC) week

takes place from July 20-26. SENG is offering four great opportunities for parents of gifted children and their advocates in celebration of this special week:

  1. The 2014 SENG Annual Conference kicks off this year’s celebration. We look forward to seeing you there!
  2. Free SENGinars! One free SENG Webinar each week day. Please see the article below for details.
  3. The NPGC Blog Tour will feature a few bloggers each day with great resources and information for parents of gifted children. Please see the article below for more details.
  4. Free e-book available online with links to some of our most inspiring parenting articles. The e-book can be downloaded here.


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