Nov 13


Introducing: Tonia as Geraldine the Giraffe!!!

Last year  Tonia O’Rourke, who the kids might know as the AM shuttle driver, but is actually a part of the Business Office, debuted her costume of a giant giraffe for which she had to wear a football helmet to support its head and long neck. She made quite an impression on the voters, aka, HH Stage I students and her colleagues. She won. She also won $500 at a bar downtown that was having a competion.

This year Geraldine returned. She did lose out to the Head’s Office in the Hill House competition, but she tried her luck at Sports and Social, a sports bar right outside the Joe Louis Arena. This time, the stakes were higher, but Geraldine came through. Tonia (and Geraldine) received a check for $5000!

Congratulations, you two!

Receiving accolades and with an admirer
With the runner up, Al  the Octopus, the Red Wings’ mascot
Receiving the check

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  1. Geraldine will go down in Roeper Halloween history!

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