Jul 17


Interested in Helping at the Polls in August?

If you are interested in doing this, apply right away:

The City of Detroit needs Electronic Pollbook Inspectors for the August 8 primary. This position is critical to the smooth operation of the precincts on Election Day, and Detroit has had difficulty finding enough qualified people for the job. It pays $175 for the day, and students who are 16 or 17 years old can do it. You do not need to be a Detroit resident. Pollbook Applicant Qualifications. It’s a great opportunity to see how elections really work and to help advance democracy in Michigan.

An Electronic Pollbook Inspector (“EPI”) is one of the precinct election workers who staffs each polling place. The EPI checks the Qualified Voter File database, which has been uploaded to a laptop computer, to verify that each person applying to vote is a registered voter in the correct precinct. After verification, the EPI assigns a ballot to the voter.
There is an Application with some explanatory notes. It shouldn’t take more than two minutes to fill it out. To apply, e-mail a PDF of the completed application to Erica Peresman at While people may be hesitant to apply without knowing the exact date and time of the training, note that applications can be withdrawn later if it turns out you can’t attend a training session.

Questions? Contact Erica Peresman at the email address above or by calling or texting 248-701-3909. Erica is a Roeper parent (Adela Jaffe ’09 and Mara Jaffe ’13) and is married to Roeper alum David Jaffe. She is the founder and director of the Michigan Voting Rights project, which works to modernize Michigan’s election laws and improve local election administration.

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