Dec 15


Holiday Caroling Tomorrow!

From Emery: All members of the Roeper community from both campuses – alumni, friends, students, parents, staff, singers, non-singers, are cordially invited to join Abha Dearing, Birmingham campus choir director Tuesday afternoon at 5:00  to go caroling in the Poppleton neighborhood and perhaps into Birmingham.

 We will meet in the Birmingham campus choir room at 5:00 to get music and a very comprehensive 5 minute practice session before going forth to bring holiday cheer to the world or at least the Birmingham part of it. A helpful elf is promising to have hot chocolate ready when we get back to the school.

Happy Hanukkah,  Super Saturnalia,  Joyous Kwanzaa, Merry Christmas,  Happy Two Week Break Coming and Happy Any Other Holiday We’ve Forgotten,

Brought to you by: Revolutionary People’s Caroling & Hot Chocolate Society​

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