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Sep 11


Got books? Got time? Roeperfest Book Sale is coming up

Dear Roeper Community,

We are a bit behind in gathering books for Roeperfest (All-School Picnic) Book Sale. One problem might be that the storage pod on the Bloomfield campus has been locked and that might have kept some from donating. It is unlocked now.

Donating on the Birmingham campus is proceeding nicely with books being put in the VW grey station wagon in the Little Lot.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions and some mostly true answers.

Q: What do I get personally out of donating books.
A: Karma brownie points and a less cluttered basement.

Q: Are all books welcome?
A: All except for textbooks. Current Roeper textbooks are ok but all other textbooks are impossible to get rid of.

Q: What happens to the books that aren’t sold?
A: The children’s books are donated to a literacy center and afterschool program in Pontiac. The rest are sold to a company Downriver.

Q: Where does the money raised go?
A: Middle-school class trips. We lessen the cost for everybody and offer scholarships.

Q: In the past, I have found I have donated books and ended up accidentally buying my own books back. How can I avoid that?
A: Skip all the middle steps and just send us a check. A large check is best.

Q: I am really dying to work more. May I volunteer?
A: Because you look like such a nice imaginary person, we will let you to volunteer for any of the following:

  • Friday, Sept 22 set-up. Saturday, Sept. 23 9:00-11:00 Set-up Sunday, Sept. 24 Sales 30 min shifts starting at 12:00 and going until 4:00.
  • Sunday, Sept. 4 4:00-4:30 Packing up

Q:  What else besides books can we donate?
A:   Games, electronics not out-of-date, money.

Q: How do I get more information or volunteer.
A: Please email

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