Jun 05



Lately I have been reminded of the enduring power of Annemarie Roeper’s sentiments on the significance and privilege of “witnessing”. The simple, but elegant, exchange of just being there and beholding the moment.

Some of those moments occur within the context of the “school” life experience and we are delighted to bear witness to a grand solo in the Stage IV Musical; nailing the ensemble dance for the Spring Concert; writing a “perfect” paper for AP Euro; striking the winning goal for the Girls Varsity Soccer districts and more. Those are the moments that demand our full attention and elation! The profound and sometimes subtle significance of “witnessing” is also evident in the seemingly mundane occasions that are too numerous to mention, but culminate in an inextricable bonding to the Roeper community.

Thankfully, the privilege of serving as a witness does not end with the final Pomp and Circumstance chord. Roeper faculty and staff often remain deeply connected to students and families and there is an astonishing intimacy that extends to parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, nannies, neighbors and even the family pet…we know everyone!

So, when the formal occasions invite our presence once again, then it is a distinct and treasured gift. We revel in the weddings, births, notices of good fortune, retirements and news of noteworthy life experiences. They mean something to all of us and, in part, we hope that Keeping In Touch – the school’s magazine – conveys our intent to continue the privilege on your behalf as well.


Denita Banks-Sims

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