Nov 11


Congratulations Chess Team! Michigan Club Championship Stats

The Roeper Chess team participated in the Michigan Club Championship on Nov 9.  There were a total of 430 players in 4 divisions that participated.  Roeper had 37 players – our highest # of players in any event!  Here are the final standings.

Team Trophies:
K-3 Team –  3rd Place K-3 Division
K-3 Team –  4th Place K-5 Division
K-8 Team –  I believe they came in 8th place, just missing a trophy (I sent an email to the Tournament Director to confirm)

Individual Trophies:
Aiden Song – Co-Champion in K-3 Division (2nd year in a row he is State Champion!).  Aiden won all of his games (5pts).
Nathan Ouyang – 7th Place in K-3 Division (4 pts)
Kayden Pierre – 5th Place in K-5 Division (4 pts)
Dylan Stafeil – 8th Place in K-5 Division (4 pts)
Max Morrow – 17th Place in K-8 Division (4 pts)

Roeper also had 8 players with 3.0 pts or more that didn’t receive a trophy:

  • Bryce Bottesi – K-3 Division
  • Aristide Gardette – K-3 Division
  • Sam Kramer – K-5 Division
  • Toby Morrow – K-5 Division
  • Mack Burmeister – K-5 Division (3.5 pts)
  • Nick Keuten – K-5 Division
  • Blake Bottesi – K-8 Division
  • Avery Long – K-8 Division

Well done team!

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