Jul 28


Computer “Tricks”

There are many shortcuts using the keyboard that can make your life on your computer easier! They enable you to keep your hands on the keyboard instead of grabbing your mouse and searching for the place to click. Our Czar of IT, Brian Durst suggested that these might be helpful:

Copy a selected item: Ctrl+C – Can use this to copy files, a block of text

Cut a selected item: Ctrl+X – Deletes the original item and copies it to the clipboard so you can paste it.

Paste a selected item: Ctrl+V

Undo: Ctrl+Z

Redo: Ctrl+Y

Select everything: Ctrl+A – Useful if you want to instantly select all the items on a webpage, a word document, textbox, etc.

Print: Ctrl+P

Switch between windows: Alt + Tab

The shortcuts below use the Windows key Picture of Windows logo key which can usually be found between Ctrl and Alt in the lower left corner of your desktop.

Open Windows Explorer to work with your files: Windows key + E

Search your computer for a file or program: Windows key + F

Extend or copy your desktop to another monitor: Windows key + P – Useful if you are connected to a projector or if you have two monitors.

Minimize all windows so you can view your desktop: Windows key + M

Switch back and forth between windows and desktop: Windows key + D

Lock computer (go to login screen without signing out): Windows key + L

Zoom in or out: Windows key + plus or minus key

Move Current window to right or left of screen: Windows key + left or right arrow – Can use this if you want to quickly compare two windows side by side.

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