Feb 13


Black History Month and MLK Celebration Words to Remember


February is Black History month which began in 1976. Long before that there was established, in 1926, Negro History Week to encourage teaching African American history in public schools. The second week of February was chosen to honor Frederick Douglas’ birthday – February 14th and Abraham Lincoln’s – February 12th. It didn’t immediately “catch on”, but by 1929,  “The Journal of Negro History was able to note that with only two exceptions, officials with the State Departments of Educations of ‘every state with considerable Negro population’ had made the event known to that state’s teachers and distributed official literature”. (Wikipedia)

Last month we celebrated an important person in Black history, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Our speakers for that evening have made available the inspiring messages that they shared and we are passing them along to you:  Head of School, David Feldman; Board Chair, Buck Baker; RPC Representative Rajesh Radhakrishnan; and students Alison Albrecht and Elliot Silk.


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