Dec 07


Are you an Agent of Positive Change?



In lieu of midterm exams, the 7th-grade at Roeper spends a week studying agents of positive change in different communities. This year, we will spend time investigating agents of change in the Roeper community. 

On Thursday, January 17, from 12:30-2:30, our students will be seeking to interview anyone connected with the Roeper community to learn more about how they affect positive change through the work they do. We’re intentionally leaving criteria for what, exactly, constitutes “positive change” open because we don’t want to exclude possibilities we might not have considered. One end-product will be an edited interview using NPR’s Story Corps as a model.

If you are interested in being interviewed for a 30-minute increment during the 12:30-2:30 time, either in person or via Skype (or some Skype-like service), please contact Dan at

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