Mar 31


Amber Webb, Stage I Teacher, to present at Conference

The Roeper faculty are truly experts in their field!  This week, Amber Webb, Stage I Teacher, will be a presenter at the MiAEYC (The Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children) 2014 Early Childhood Conference this week April 3-5, 2014 in Grand Rapids, Mi.

Amber’s Conference titled, “Teaching with Wonder and Curiosity in Mind,” will share how to appeal to a child’s natural sense of wonder and curiosity in order to engage them in a deeper level of thinking.  What do preschool children always ask?  WHY?  Encouraging this question, as well as teaching them to think like scientists: make observations, ask questions, make predictions, test and experiment, and reflect, you give your students the opportunity to learn to learn. Through the use of pictures, personal interests, the great outdoors and “random” questions, we explore the world with our children.

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