Sep 01


Alison Albrecht Performs Sept 3 @ Arts, Beats & Eats


Alison Albrecht ark happy

Roeper Junior, singer, and guitarist Alison Albrecht will be performing at Arts, Beats, and Eats in Royal Oak on Saturday, September 3, at  3:45-4:45 pm on the Ford Alternative Stage.  She, along with a full band, will be performing a mixture of originals and covers.

Alison shared, “I have loved having the Roeper community’s support at this event in the past. This is a major event of the year for me and seeing Roeper faces in the audience is the best!”

Congratulations Alison, and have a great show.

DISCLAIMER: This opportunity/organization is not sponsored or officially endorsed by The Roeper School. Periodically, the school becomes aware of opportunities that may be of interest to members of the community and will inform you of them. Please use your own judgment in determining whether you or your child(ren) take part or not.

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