Aug 26

A Doctor, a Dancer, and a Cause…

(Roeper Parent, Nina Asmi, has asked that the following Global Awareness opportunity be shared with the Roeper community.)


A Doctor, a Dancer, and a Cause…
Sheema Kermani, Internationally acclaimed dancer and Social Activist, and her troupe, join hands with Dr. Shershah Syed. Dr. Syed has set up Koohi Goth Hospital in Pakistan for women too poor to afford maternal care. His humanitarian work has won him several International Awards, including the Clinton Global Initiative Award.

What: A play and classical dance to raise funds for a free Women’s Hospital in Pakistan.
When: Saturday, August 31, 2013
Where: Groves High School-13 mile and Evergreen
Time: 4pm
Tickets: may be purchased at door or by calling: 248-396-6372, 248-848 9306 or 301-461-8240
Tickets: $25, $50, $100 check made to National Health Forum
Donations are tax deductible, and appreciated.

More info:

DISCLAIMER: “Note: This opportunity is not sponsored or officially endorsed by The Roeper School. Periodically, the school becomes aware of opportunities that maybe of interest to members of the community and we will inform you of them. Please use your own judgment in determining whether you or your child(ren) take part or not.

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