Jun 21


Roeper Sustainability Highlights 2015/2016


Thank you to Gina Adams-Levy for her stewardship this year in her role as RPC VP of Sustainability. She has been a tireless leader in our  efforts to become more green. She reviews here the highlights of the work of people on both campuses to make our school more environmentally responsible.

  • Birmingham switched recycling collection bins from black to clear bags (making it easier to identify recyclable materials).
  • The Sierra Club campaigned and successfully installed a water bottle refilling station on Birmingham campus
  • Stage 3 student, Camryn Jones, was inspired and gathered signatures to petition for a water bottle filling station in the CCB
  • We introduced a Jr. Sierra Club at the lower school
  • The committee introduced a series of “Are you Green” posts to provide interesting facts and health tips on emissions and nutrition
  • RPC board recruited Roeper parent and nutritional expert Nadia Elmagrabi for the *VP of Environmental Stewardship. (Previously the VP of Sustainability)
  • Lower school staff committed to incorporating recycle education into classroom curriculum
  • Recycling continues in Lower School classrooms.
  • Work is in progress to clarify procedures in Lower School to make recycling easier.
  • The Sustainability committee was formed to help enhance environmental practices throughout the school via education and volunteer efforts. This includes supporting the RPC as well as related sustainability endeavors.Gina added: “While there is a lot to celebrate, we have a long way to go. Aligned with the Roeper philosophy, environmental stewardship and responsible, eco-friendly choices can be the ‘norm’. “

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